Bioactive | Strong | Porous | Biodegradable

CoreBone’s biomimetic bone graft is made from pure mineral exoskeleton of corals, cultured in monitored aquarium systems and enriched with silicium and strontium.

Technology & Advantages


3D Through Porous Structure
Bioactive surface and
interconnected pores in
optimal dimensions for
ingrowth of blood vessels and
bone deposition.


Bone Cells Attracted by 
CoreBone Graft
Layers of strained active
osteoprogenitors attached
to bioactive coral mineral surface (48 hours after grafting in vivo).


Bone Deposition into Pores
Mineralized matrix of cortical bone is deposited on the surface of coral mineral. Pictured: Ingrown blood vessel inside a pore of CoreBone 500 particulate graft.


Compressive Strength
Compressive strength in
the range of trabecular-cortical bone.
Selective CoreBone
products with a range of
structured strength.

CoreBone Graft

CoreBone grafts are made from corals that are grown in closed, controlled aquatic (aquarium) systems. The systems eliminate a number of the challenges facing wild corals: sea pollution, biological marine contamination and endangerment.

CoreBone corals are bred from selected species suitable for selected clinical indications for optimal strength and porosity.

Making use of its proprietary technology, CoreBone embeds specific nutrients such as silicium and strontium into the coral mineral during its growth process, making it bioactive and osteoconductive. The interconnected porosity of CoreBone coral allows 3D generation of bone that has demonstrated to lead to higher fusion rates, without loss of strength.

  • Bioactive
  • Strong as bone
  • Remodels by osteoclastic activity 
  • Interconnected 3-D porosity 
  • No human/bovine biological risks
  • No marine pollution risks



CoreBlock Cone


CoreBone 500


CoreBone 1000


CoreBone 2000



CoreBone’s bioactive bone graft in granules, blocks and cones is intended for dental and orthopedics indications.

Dental IndicationsProduct
To fill bone defects in the maxilla, mandible and skull bonesCoreBone 500
CoreBone 1000
To fill tooth extraction sockets and to preserve alveolar bone crestCoreBlock Cone
CoreBone 500
CoreBone 1000
To augment human periodontal osseous defectsCoreBone 500
CoreBone 1000
In sinus lifting surgery to augment bone vertically and horizontally under the sinus membraneCoreBone 500
CoreBone 1000
To ensure bone height for implant insertion in the maxilla jawCoreBone 500
CoreBone 1000
Augmentation of facial bone defects in cosmetic surgery and maxillofacial reconstructive surgeryCoreBone 1000
CoreBone 2000
To fill gaps between dental implants in jaw bones and to augment bone in cases where increase in bone width of the jaws is indicated (lateral augmentation)CoreBone 500
CoreBone 1000
Orthopedics IndicationsProduct
To fill small gaps between bone fragments for fracture repair, caused by trauma in long bonesCoreBone 1000
CoreBone 2000
To employ either in long bones or in flat bones CoreBoneCoreBone 1000
CoreBone 2000

*   CoreBone is intended for orthopedic applications only as a filler for gaps and voids not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure.


Coral Farm
CoreBone grows its corals in its coral farm located in Israel’s Arava Desert. The farm has no exposure to the open sea. Managed by an experienced coral grower, marine biologist and dedicated QA team, the farm is a sustainable state-of-the-art coral facility with in-house laboratories and real-time monitoring systems to ensure high-quality throughput of bioactive corals that are not exposed to sea pollutants and biological contaminants.

Processing Facility
Following the growth cycles, CoreBone’s corals are processed to bone graft material in a clean room and undergo gamma irradiation sterilization in an ISO 13485-certified manufacturing site.

CoreBone graft a biomimetic, highly bioactive, strong bone graft material made from corals. Making use of patented technology, CoreBone leverages the coral’s bonelike qualities by embedding bioactive minerals (e.g., silicium) into the skeleton of corals during their growth process.

CoreBone was founded by CEO Ohad Schwartz and CTO Prof. Itzhak Binederman. It is one of the portfolio companies of The Trendlines Group. CoreBone has issued patents and substantial know-how in regard to growing coral for medical purposes.
CoreBone products are CE and ISO 13485 certified.

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