CoreBone is a natural alternative to current synthetic, bovine and human derived bone grafts. It provides volume maintenance, remodeling by osteoclastic activity and required bone formation qualities without the limitations associated with animal or human sources, and better biological safety profile.

Already used in thousands of cases worldwide, it is widely compared by our users to the leading bovine derived bone grafts.

CoreBone Coral Farm

CoreBone corals are grown in a closed, controlled aquatic (aquarium) system. Using proprietary technology and laboratory-made sea water enriched with bioactive nutrients and CoreBone’s own coral breeding source. This enables CoreBone to leverage the coral natural bone-like properties, prevent sea pollution related risks and ensure product consistency.


CoreBone is a natural alternative to current, bovine and human derived bone grafts. It provides volume maintenance, remodeling by osteoclastic activity, better biological safety profile and required bone formation qualities without the limitations associated with animal or human sources.

CoreBone 500
Particle size
300-450 μm
0.5 ml | 1.0 ml

CoreBone 1000
Particle size
600-1000 μm
0.5 ml | 1.0 ml

CoreBone 2000
Particle size
1600-2000 μm
1.0 ml | 2.0 ml

Block-shaped graft
10x10x3 | 10X20X3 mm
Special sizes available
on request

The following uses are recommended for dental and maxillofacial procedures:
CoreBone 500 fill narrow bone gaps and between implants
CoreBone 1000 fill wide bone gaps and voids; in sinus lift procedures
CoreBone 2000 in large bone defects and sinus lift prodeures
CoreBlock in augmentation of facial bone defects and reconstructive surgery

Properties & Advantages

3D Porous Structure
Bioactive surface, interconnected canals and pores present for optimal net and dimensions (for developing blood vessels and depositing bone)

Layers of strained active osteoprogenitor cells attached to bioactive coral mineral surface
(48 hours after grafting in vivo)

Bone-to-Graft Connectivity
Young woven bone deposited on the surface of grafted coral mineral; observed ingrowth of capillaries into the CoreBone graft

5 times stronger than human cancellous bone and synthetic grafts (compressive strength,

Bone Remodeling

Canine Study: Equivalent to one year in human

Canine- 8 weeks from implantation
Prof. Jose Luis Guirado, catholic university of Murcia, Spain
Histology -Tel Aviv University Dental School, Israel

Case Report: Open Sinus Lift Procedure

Augmentation using CoreBone 1000
Site: Posterior right maxilla
Follow-up: 10 months after augmentation

Dr. Jaroslaw Pospiech, DMD, PhD, Poland

Histology of a core trephined from an edentulous upper posterior ridge 6 months following a sinus lift.
The upper zone reveals graft particles (CB) surrounded by new Bone indicating high graft conductivity.
(H&E Original Mag. X100)

Initial site
PA X-ray

Open sinus lift. Collagen membrane placed to secure the thin mucosa lining

Extraction and augmentation using CoreBone 1000 combined with autogenous growth factors and fibrin

PTFE sutures used
for tissue approximation

PA X-ray post augmentation

Implantation 6 months post augmentation

PA X-ray, after implant placement 6 months post augmentation

Good volume preservation 10 months post augmentation

Full reconstruction
4 months post implant placement

CoreBone Graft

CoreBone grafts are made from corals that are grown in closed, controlled aquatic (aquarium) systems. The systems eliminate a number of the challenges facing wild corals: sea pollution, biological marine contamination endangerment and extinction of species.

CoreBone corals are bred from selected species suitable for selected clinical indications for optimal strength and porosity.

Making use of its proprietary technology, CoreBone embeds specific nutrients such as silicium and strontium into the coral mineral during its growth process, making it bioactive and osteoconductive. The interconnected porosity of CoreBone coral allows 3D generation of bone that has demonstrated to lead to higher fusion rates, without loss of strength.


Strong as bone

Remodels by osteoclastic activity 

Interconnected 3-D porosity

No human/bovine biological risks

No marine pollution risks


CoreBone was founded by CEO Ohad Schwartz and Prof. Itzhak Binederman. It is one of the portfolio companies of The Trendlines Group. CoreBone has issued patents and substantial know-how in regard to growing coral for medical purposes.
CE was awarded in 2016. CoreBone products are ISO 13485 certified.

Our products are approved for maxillofacial and orthopedic indications and are in use in Europe and Israel mainly. 

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